The Shambhala path is both an individual exploration and a way of creating a community based on sanity, wisdom and goodness.

When you become a member of the Akron Canton Shambhala Center, you join a community committed to cultivating mindfulness, awareness and compassion, both personally and in society. Membership in Shambhala is a commitment to exploring the path of meditation and a statement about your personal inspiration, curiosity and commitment to the path of awakening.

If you participate regularly, please consider becoming a member. Becoming a member of our Center also gives you membership with Shambhala International, linking you to a global community of individuals similarly committed to cultivating awareness and compassion.

Why does membership matter?

The Center runs largely on member donations and members’ volunteer service. Offering in this way to something that is meaningful to you brings great inspiration and energy. It also makes an enormous difference at the Center by helping us do what we need to do to continue to offer these precious teachings and practices to the community and to grow and to affect change in the world.

What is involved?

Some people are able to offer more time, some are able to offer more of a financial contribution, and everyone’s circumstances are different. Membership has more to do with creating an energetic connection between yourself and the Center by taking the step of saying, “Yes! Membership is something that has brought benefit to me and will bring benefit to others and I want to support it!”

Membership involves three areas of engagement and support:

Practicing Meditation

Making a connection with mindfulness-awareness meditation and related contemplative practices is considered the very best way for members to support Shambhala and to benefit ourselves and the rest of the world.


All of the work at this Center and much of the work of the Shambhala global community is done by volunteers. Giving our time and talents to the work of the community is a vital form of support and viewed as part of members’ practice.

Providing Financial Support

We rely on membership dues to pay our basic operating expenses. We view financial giving as a part of our practice, as well.
There are a number of different membership levels to choose from, with various amounts of giving and different levels of membership benefits. All levels are important, and all amounts are appreciated.

In order for us to confidently meet our monthly expenses, we suggest that the membership average contribution be at the Tiger ($50 per month) level.

Regardless of the membership level that you can be comfortable with, giving will always be tailored to one’s individual financial situation.

The Akron Canton Shambhala Center will ensure that anyone who wants to be a member can afford to do so, in accordance with Shambhala International policy.



We are pleased to offer six membership levels, which are outlined below. We ask you to reflect on the place that the Akron Canton Center and the Shambhala teachings have in your life and then contemplate what you can offer on a monthly basis. Please give as generously as you can at whatever membership level works for you.

Associate Members
Up to $20 per month
This level allows you to be listed as a member of the Akron Canton Center.

$20 or more per month
This is the minimum membership level that entitles you to all the basic benefits of membership.
• Member access to the Shambhala Network (including message boards, community news, and other international Shambhala resources)
• Reduced Rate on Weekend Programs and Weekly Classes
• 10% Discount at the Windhorse Store
• Invitations to special member events, community and neighborhood gatherings
• The opportunity to meet with a personal meditation instructor
• A Membership Pin
• Membership in Shambhala International and access to certain advanced retreats and gatherings

$50 or more per month
Members are encouraged to contribute at least $50 a month as this is the average dues amount required to cover the Center’s rent and other related expenses. By giving at this level you are entitled to all the basic membership benefits plus a Gift Card for 50% discount on a weekend program.

$75 or more per month
By giving at this level you are contributing to the financial growth and sustainability of the Center, which is essential for meeting rising operating costs. As a Lion member you receive all the benefits of the Tiger level plus an annual gift certificate for a friend to attend any introductory program or weekly class.

$125 or more per month
Extending your generosity at this level allows the Center to build a strong foundation upon which we can expand our activities, raise our visibility, and thereby offer the benefits of meditation to more people. Garuda members receive all the benefits of membership of the previous levels plus an invitation to our annual Golden Key Society Dinner.

$500 or more per month
By making a monthly offering at this level you are a patron member of the Akron Canton Shambhala Center. You are not only contributing to the financial security of the community, but you are investing in the future of the Center for the thousands of practitioners who come through our doors every year. In appreciation of your generosity you will receive all the benefits of the above levels, including an invitation to the Golden Key Society Dinner. You will also get an invitation to an annual Akron Canton Dragon Gathering with a senior teacher and other distinguished guests.

“Those who are in the sangha are warriors, because they are trying to overcome samsara. Members of the sangha support one another and care for one another. They are not perfect, but they inspire us because they are people who want to deepen their practice of mindfulness, awareness and compassion. The sangha is also a container. When we practice together, the sangha helps our discipline. We realize that there are other people around who are going through the same thing. That gives us a feeling of encouragement.”
– Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche