Our Generosity Policy

Generosity Policy

It is the policy of the Akron-Canton Shambhala Center to never keep anyone from the Shambhala teachings because of a lack of money on the part of a participant in a Shambhala program, class, or retreat.

We have several ways to accomplish this goal.

The first step in this policy is to keep our tuition costs as low as we possibly can, taking into consideration the fact that we have a certain amount of inflexible overhead.

While full scholarships are not generally available for our programs, we do have several alternate ways that a participant with limited means can relate with program costs.

First, some partial discounts may be available on a limited basis for students, single parents, retirees, and for others on limited or fixed budgets.

Second, we will accept regular payments over time, with a down payment.

Third, we have a vital work-study program, and a lot of work to do around the Center. We can pay $10 per hour of work at the Center as program credit, up to the amount of the program.

For any of these alternate means of payment, arrangements must be made ahead of time with the program coordinator.

Payment arrangements do not carry over from one program to another and must be approved separately each time.

We also offer the opportunity to help with our scholarship fund, if you can. Through your generosity, you can help us to bring these teachings into the world by offering the most that you can afford. If you have the means to help offset the cost of another participant’s fee, we graciously encourage you to make an additional donation. Your generosity allows us to offer these teachings to everyone regardless of ability to pay.