Contentment in Everyday Life

with Toni Miller & Ann Palomo

April 17th—May 15th -Date postponed or cancelled

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Room: Church in Silver Lake

Open to All  

This course is designed for beginner or returning meditators. Contentment in Everyday Life can be taken as a follow up to Meditation in Everyday Life and Shambhala Training Weekend I, but participation in these programs is not required. “Contentment” is the second course in the Shambhala Training class series and can serve as a companion course for the Shambhala Training Weekend II retreat.

About Contentment in Everyday Life

We all experience thoughts or feelings of inadequacy, that nagging sense that we're just not good enough. This atmosphere of self-judgement can build until there's a palpable tension between our basic sense of self-worth and who we think we "should" be.

Insecurities may always arise, but when we interpret these thoughts and feelings as cold hard facts to be acted upon, dissatisfaction devours our time and energy, and life becomes a chore.

By letting go of the struggle to be something "better," we can make space for our inherently intelligent, compassionate, and strong nature to flourish. 

Details on Contentment in Everyday Life

In this course, students will continue to learn basic mindfulness meditation and receive the Shambhala Contentment Contemplation to study and practice. Throughout the course, we will deepen our comfort with our natural state of being to feel a simple worthiness that makes life less forced and more enjoyable.

The teachings in this course are online video recordings by a senior Shambhala teacher. The commentary and discussion sessions will be conducted by Toni Miller from Akron-Canton Shambhala and Ann Palomo from Cleveland Shambhala.

About Shambhala Training

Contentment in Everyday Life is the first class in Shambhala Training, a complete path of weekly classes and weekend retreats that provides a comprehensive overview of mindfulness and contemplative meditation techniques. 

Shambhala Training presents profound, simple and incredibly relevant teachings on how we can bring our meditation practice into every facet of daily life.

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